Moduleo Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Basket Weave Slim Country Oak

Basket Weave Block Classic Oak

Herringbone Small Jura Stone

Herringbone Small Soft Blackjack Oak

Staggered Bands Light Mix

Staggered Columns

Hexagon Random Hard TR Jura Stone

Hexagon Motion Hard TR Jura Stone

Diamond 3D Cubes Soft TR Jura Stone

Diamond Origami TR Verdon Oak

Honeycomb Soft TR Jura Stone

Chevron Basic Country Oak

Chevron Columns Contemporary Blackjack Oak

Moduleo Tiles

“Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles”

Moduleo Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) have taken the UK and Europe by storm as a new vinyl flooring sensation. The beautiful Moduleo Tile combines the look and appeal of traditional wood or stone floors with the ease of maintenance of Vinyl flooring.

The Benefits of Moduleo Tiles

The luxury Moduleo Tiles have many benefits, these include sound and heat insulation, resistance to water and scratches and a high-quality finish that resembles the look and texture of stone or hardwood floors.

A Moduleo Style For Every Room

The huge variety of styles and looks available by Moduleo means that you are guaranteed to find something to suit your home. LVT’s realistically replicate the look of wood or stone floors and they have a water resistant layer which means they are suitable for use in any room.

Maintaining your Moduleo LVT

The Moduleo Tile is very easy to maintain and doesn’t require specialist cleaning products. Moduleo flooring don’t harbour dirt or dust mites, so are ideal for homes where people have allergies.

Moduleo LVT Durability

Each Moduleo Tile has an extra Polyurethane layer, which gives extra protection against scratches and dirt, therefore maximising the lifespan and durability of your floor.

maintaining moduleo floor tiles